Friends of East Brent First School

About Our Organization

A very warm welcome to our website. We are the Friends of East Brent First School, an organization setup by parents of Easy Brent children with the purpose of finding ways to create new education and career opportunities for Brent First’s children.
We actively pursue vocational training scholarships for our senior secondary education level pupils. This involves us reaching out to training providers in various industries and offering them positive PR in return for training one or some of the East Brent First pupils. We have arranged for a free Discovery UK personal trainer course for one pupil each year who demonstrates outstanding sports ability, four free places on a Web design apprenticeship scheme with Digital Broadcasters in London every six months, and an internship at Baxter Healthcare Limited for two pupils each year who demonstrate considerable ability in Science, Physics, Chemistry or Information Technology.


One of the reasons why we are so proud to be associated with East Brent First School is that the school has such a broad and diverse curriculum. It’s a school that gives children a very firm foundation for the future. The curriculum includes all the best subjects such as English, Maths, Science, I.T., Geography, History, Religious Education, P.E., Classics, Law and Art. We also try to facilitate very interesting school trips to famous places. We’ve taken children on trips to Israel, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid. We push children to aim high and achieve all that they can. We also try our best to make sure our children enjoy school.

Admission Info

East Brent is a good school, and a large school, with a wide catchment area. They regularly receive new requests from parents wanting to enroll their children. However, the school is currently full, and there is a long waiting list. But you can still ask for your child to be added to the list, and you might get lucky. The school generally tries to achieve a balance between male and female pupils and to make sure that one gender ever significantly outnumbers the other.